BEWARE: Arkansas KKK group being ran by a convicted Federal Felon

It has been brought to the attention of the IKK that there is a convicted Federal Felon running a fake KKK group out of Arkansas. This individual has been named the Imperial Wizard with the group that he represents with them knowing that the individual is a convicted Federal Felon on firearms charges and was released early from his sentence, this individual could possibly be working with the Federal government. Mind you that nobody that has been involved with the kkk before and has served federal time in prison has been allowed by the federal government after being released from prison to be associated or allowed to be involved with any kkk group.

Press Release

     We are happy to announce that with the break-up of several different groups that there are still some loyal members of the KKK that have sought out a new home to continue their journey into the Invisible Empire. There are still some individuals that are self appointed Imperial Wizards that refuse to accept that the Klan should be ONE FLAG, ONE NATION, ONE KLAN and these groups will soon fall apart since they lack the proper leadership with no experience and the alliances they form with other group is an example of their poor leadership because they can't recruit newer members. By the time they fall apart it will be to late to join the real Invisible Empire:

   The International Keystone Knights of the KKK, Inc.

which is still the oldest Klan going since the early 1990's who believe in the true ideals, rituals, and beliefs of the 3/33 era Klan that is still alive and has never emerged out of that era

Updated information as of 11-05-2017

The Imperial Office has recently received information that a  very aggravated individual plans on starting another smear campaign on Stormfront and also start sending out information including emails to anyone who will listen to him and lies about the Imperial Wizard in order to disrupt the IKK and the entire groups objective. This individual won't say to everyone that they purposely destroyed klan property and is acting out to get attention like. This organization and its leaders remain strong and united against this recent smear attempt, as well as the entire membership. Adding to this we know for a fact that their are kkk groups that have federal informants and accept sex offenders because they need members. The IKK will never stoop this low and we are willing to start posting these groups if they continue to smear this organization and its leadership just because they got caught and their leaders don't want to be held responsible