The International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
is not an Open Membership Organization, we reserve the right
 to deny membership based Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs, or if your
 character is questionable. If you feel you qualify and have the courage required of a Klansman,
then send the information to the email address below to join.

The Int. Keystone Knights will not tolerate any violent acts of crime or home grown terrorism from any associate or anyone applying for citizenship into the Invisible Empire. If this includes you, then you need not to apply. We are a law abiding organization with no criminal accusations against us, and everyone in the IKK has pledged to keep it that way

Our requirements for membership  

     The IKK is currently accepting new applicants

 You must meet the following requirements to qualify:

1. Be a white Christian gentile with no Jewish ancestry, and live in the United States.

2. Live, breathe, and eat the U.S. Constitution, the way it was originally written, and obey all laws.

3. Be at least 18 yrs. old with no felonies' or misdemeanor charges pending against you.

4. You agree to meet face to face with a representative of the IKK at their discretion and time promptly,
     no applications will be mailed to you by mail.

5. Remember this , filling out an application, meeting / knowing one  of our members, attending events does not guarantee you membership in the IKK, the IKK follows strict standards set forth by the Imperial Wizard , you must pass a stringent background check and complete the probationary process before being considered for membership.

      Our represented States are below!!!!!!!!!!








Our state officers in these States are waiting for you to submit the following information below to:

What is needed from you:
Your Name
Your Address
City, State and Zip code
Phone Number
Email address

We will no longer accept any on-line applications due to the fact that other groups have possibly infiltrated this website and are attempting to use it for their own recruitment into a less honorable group. Several group have allowed niggers to attend cross lighting's, accepted convicted felons with pending federal firearm charges, accepted sex-offenders and continuous informants and just simply continue to disrupt the peaceful operations of this group to teach the true ideas, rituals and beliefs of the KU KLUX KLAN. If you are interested in who these groups are just email the address above. On occasion we will continue to post these groups and individuals who continue to cause these issues on our

"Wall of Shame"