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Imperial Office

P.O. Box 156

Colt, AR 72326
Hotline Number
If your name or phone number does not show
up on the caller I.D it will not be returned
email: impwizard@cablelynx.com


              Imperial Giant Barry E. Black of The International Keystone Knights of the KKK, Inc. is hereby BANISHED from the Organizatrion for the following reasons below:
             Misappropriating funds from the Organization
            Disturbing the Peace and Harmony of the Invisible Empire
            Slandering a Klansman
       This individual has broken his oath to this great order and we will nolonger acknowledge or be responsible for his actions. This Imperial Order is set forth on this day 15th of May, 2009 in the chambers and office of the Imperial Wizard Willis W. Frazier in Colt, Arkansas at the Imperial Palace. If anyone needs to have the proof of these allegations they are welcome to contact this office

                  Since becoming the Imperial Wizard  of the International Keystone Knights, I have had the honor to meet with other Traditional Klan Leaders that have been elected by their peers and are not self appointed. (You must have the support of your people and not be a dictator). Myself and these other fine leaders have worked very hard to weed out the ones that do not belong with us and will continue to do this anywhere we go and these others that say they are Klans will soon realize that they are nothing but imposters. To the people that are with a Klan movement that is underground and there leaders refuse to let you learn traditional Klan rituals by attending other Klan events I urge you to take a second look at this and decide if you want to be seen and heard or just a part of the crowd. The Southern Alliance of Klans has great leaders that are pledged to take the Ku Klux Klan well into the 21st century, and we are not hard to find. The International Keystone Knights is a Non-Profit Organization and is supported through donations only. All Checks and Money Orders are to be made Payable to: "INTERNATIONAL KEYSTONE KNIGHTS" and in the bottom left corner for "DONATIONS ONLY" 

Willis Frazier

Imperial Wizard

or send a e-mail to
P.O. BOX 374
P.O. BOX 3

P.O. BOX 428

P.O. BOX 63

If you are SERIOUSLY  INTERESTED in joining the International Keystone Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Contact the Addresses, Telephone Number, Or E-mail address above, And a representative will contact you.



We are not an open membership organization, all applications will be reviewed and personal interview will be conducted to ensure both sincerity and authenticity. We have standards that one must met for membership.

Homosexuals - Need not apply - Your lifestyle is an abomination before God.

Pedophiles - Need not apply - You are just plain sick!!!

Spouse Abusers - Need not apply - Domestic violence and abuse is wrong.

Drug Abusers - Need not apply - If you abuse drugs you are selling yourself short.

Alcohol Abusers - Need not apply - If you are always drunk what use are you to anyone.

Deadbeats - Need not apply - If your to lazy to work, you have no honor or pride.

Law Violators - Need not apply - What use are you to anyone in jail.

Interracial Relationships - Need not apply - This is against our beliefs.

Hate Mongers - Need not apply - If your heart is filled with hate, you are a liability.






We are looking for men and women that are Christian, family orientated and moral in their lives. People that want to see a bright future for their children. White separatism is not about sitting back in the corner and watching life go by. It’s about living an active and full life, enjoying your family and helping your race. Having pride in who you are and the culture you belong to. We believe that white people should only be romantically inclined with white people, and we are strongly opposed to homosexuality. We believe in the sanctity of the home and in family values. We believe in the Constitution and the rights provided within.
We along with most Klan organizations, emphasize strongly that every Klansman or Klanswoman conduct themselves with Christian character. We want our associates to live their lives as honorable, decent dignified White people. When you live your life with honor and respect, people will then honor and respect you. How our members live their life is a direct example and representation of our organization. If you want to act like criminals or white trash, then we don't want your membership or association.
Everything within the I.K.K is of a volunteer nature. Certainly we want you to distribute literature, spread the Klan message to all who will listen, to educate yourself on the issues facing America. We ask you to educate and inspire your children by living and acting as a responsible parent. The greatest influence on your children is how you live your life. We also ask that you attend and support meetings and gatherings as often as possible, but we also understand the demands of both home life and work. The I.K.K will never ask you to put the organization first in your priorities. We believe that the family unit is the most important institution, and we encourage you to devote time to your family and relationships.
Some associates are able to be more active then others. We are composed of many different people, with different abilities. We all can not perform the same task, but we can all work TOGETHER as a single body to accomplish great things. Some can spend many hours distributing and preparing literature, attending rallies, and organizing, while others may not feel comfortable with a particular job. Everyone has something to offer, whether it is physical, financial or clerical or even mental. We all have certain God given talents and gifts, utilizing these gifts to and contributing to not only the I.K.K but to your community and country is up to you.

The Southern Alliance of Klans is an alliance of pure and traditional Klan groups that are strongly opposed to Nazis, White Nationalists, and Skinhead movements. We do not allow any of these Neo Nazi groups to attend our public demonstrations or rallies. We disagree that they stand with us and our cause. They are aliens amongst us, just as other whites who have not attained citizenship in the Invisible Empire. Therefore, they are unworthy of standing with us at any time. We also believe they are a detriment to the Ku Klux Klan, and that they only support the media in publishing negativity about us.
The Southern Alliance of Klans is not headed by any one leader. It is controlled by the leaders of each group involved. In this way we maintain group independence, and are by no means absorbed into a National organization. Groups involved with the Southern Alliance help one another by attending events organized by Klans in the alliance, effectively eliminating Neo Nazi participation.
Southern based Klan groups that agree with our stand and wish to get involved should contact the Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan Here , or any one of the other active groups in the Southern Alliance.

 Other active groups in The  Southern Alliance of Klans are:
Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan
Realm of Missouri
Realm of Georgia
Realm of Illinois

International Knights - Realm of Alabama

Mississippi White Knights

Southern Mississippi Knights

Texas Rebel Knights

Traditional Christian Knights (Texas)

United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
The following groups have successfully mergered with the United White Knights
Oklahoma Invisible Empire
National Aryan Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
North American White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan


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