Ku Klux Klan History

 For over a year after its founding in Tennessee The Ku Klux Klan did not have a Grand Wizard or any real national leader. It started as a local group and spread like wildfire, the Southern men had become fed up with the Federal tyranny and oppression of Reconstruction, and the time was ripe for Clandestine Armed Resistance.


The Founders, first Official Officers and initial Leaders were six Confederate Army Combat Veterans. They were Captain John C. Lester, Major J.R. Crowe, Calvin Jones, John B. Kennedy, Frank O. McCord, and Richard Reed. Photographs of the first three men mentioned are below:

Capt. John C. Lester

Knight Hawk
Major J.R. Crowe

Grand Turk
Calvin Jones

Capt. John B. Kennedy

Grand Magi

 Frank O. McCord

Grand Cyclops
Richard Reed

 Ku Klux Klan

 Grand Cyclops, Grand Magi, Grand Monk, Grand Exchequer, Grand Turk, Grand Scribe, Grand Sentinel, Lictors, and Knight Hawks were the First Era Klan officers' titles of "The Den".  Members were called "Ghouls".  Two Lictors were "Outer Guards" and Knight Hawks were "Couriers".


The name of the organization Ku Klux Klan derived from the Greek word "Kuklos", meaning a circle with no beginning or end. "Klan" came from the Scottish word Clan referring to a family, a group of Kinsmen, or a like minded group of believers.

  First Era or Reconstruction Era Paramilitary Ku Klux Klansmen in original Klan Robes and Regalia

  Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest

A rare photograph of KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest actually taken during the time period when he was national commander of The Ku Klux Klan. He ruled the Klan as the undisputed Commander in Chief from 1867 to 1869. In 1869 he firmly believed The Klan had accomplished its Mission and that it would be best to end the Armed Struggle at that time, so he ordered The Ku Klux Klan to disband. When Grand Wizard Forrest ordered the disbandment, some of the Klaverns obeyed the order; others saw fit to disregard it and carry on their Ku Klux activities and missions. The Ku Klux Klan, The White League, The Red Shirt Militias, The Knights of the White Camellia and various other Clandestine Paramilitary groups continued the Resistance to Federal tyranny and oppression even after the "Official" disbandment of the "Official" Ku Klux Klan. Eventually there ceased to be a real need for such clandestine paramilitary night riders. The negroids were brought under control, and the State governments returned to control by White Southern men, the carpetbaggers were sent packing, and White Supremacy once again dominated Southern Culture and Government. Once this was an accomplished fact, the KKK in actual fact and in almost total unison did actually disband, only to be revived once the need arose again.




According to church doctrine the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, beheld a vision of a fiery cross in the sky on the eve of a battle. With the fiery cross vision in the sky were the words: "With this sign ye shall conquer." Constantine adopted the fiery cross as his symbol on his shield and won the battle. That's how it all got started and since then the fiery cross has been a religious symbol not only for the Catholic Church, but numerous Protestant churches as well. As a religious symbol these churches use the fiery cross in various ways. Blow are two examples. In each photo you can plainly see a cross that is aflame.

Does it make any difference whether or not the cross is drawn or painted burning, or is actually lighted with fire? Have you ever stopped to think of just how many times God and fire are connected in the Bible? The Bible often uses fire as a symbol of God. In Deuteronomy 4:24 and in Hebrews 12:29, God is referred to as a consuming fire. In Malachi 3:2, the promised Messiah is referred to as a refiner's fire. In Mathew 3:11, John the Baptist speaks of Christ saying, "He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire." In Exodus chapter three, God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush. In chapter 14 of Exodus, God came down as a pillar of fire. In Genesis chapter 19:24-25, Leviticus 10, Second Chronicles 7, and First Kings 18, Second Kings 2, God is again and again symbolized with fire, and fire gives light. Now the cross has been long established as the symbol of Christ and Christ is the Light of the world. The Gospel of John 1:4-5 states: "In Him (Christ) was life and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness grasped it not." Thus, this passage has been symbolized by illuminating a cross with fire at night.



From the sacred pages of the Holy Bible comes the sad sweet story of the Holy Cross of Calvary. This Holy Cross is our symbol of sacrifice and service, and a sign of Christian religion. It was sanctified and made Holy almost 2000 years ago by the suffering and blood of over 50 million martyrs who died in the most Holy faith. The Cross stands in every Klan den as a constant reminder that Jesus Christ is our criterion of character and his teachings our life blood, bought Holy, sanctified and sublime. This old Cross was bathed in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and became transformed into the symbol of faith, hope, and love. Today it is used to rally the forces of Christianity against the ever-increasing hordes of the anti-Christ and the enemies of American and the White Race. We light the Cross-with fire to signify to the world that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Where the Holy light shall shine, there will be dispelled evil, darkness, gloom and despair. The light of the truth dispels ignorance and superstition as fire purifies gold and silver, but destroys wood and stubble. So by the fire of the Cross of Calvary, we cleanse and purify our virtues by burning out our vices with the fire of is word. Who can look upon this symbol, or sit in its sacred Holy light without being inspired with a Holy desire and determination to be a better person? By this Holy light of the Cross-we will preserver!