Imperial Office

P.O. Box 162

Vanndale, Ar. 72387


International Keystone Knights

of the Ku Klux Klan

Brothers and Sisters,

Klan Motto

"Not For Self, But For Others

In the 1920's Col. William J. Simmons had the right idea that the klan was not to be an alliance and unified only into one klan. Years later the United Klans of America was formed under Robert Shelton with the same principle of no alliance and one klan. The leaders of several klan groups have abandoned this idea and formed several different klans and say they want unity and alliances but only practice it in public and not on private rally sites. The Black lives matter movement is one group only, the gays and lesbians are one group only do you all get the picture. The klan needs to be united again under one KLAN, one NATION, and one FLAG like it was on top of Stone Mountain and declared the 2nd era of the Klan, and the way it was under the United Klans of America (UKA) of the past, not the UKA of today. To all the leaders of various different klans in the United States are we going to stand together under ONE KLAN banner, or a DIVIDED KLAN under several banners. If you all decide that several banners are better we will never win, and the other movements that stand together as one will win. 

" Keeping alive the true ideas, rituals, and beliefs of the original KU KLUX KLAN for the 21st century"